Divar Island

How many of you have seen the movie Dear Zindagi? I am sure there will be many. The movie was a hit, but the beautiful island where most of the movie was shot, went unnoticed. But, maybe it was for the best.

Why do I say that? Well, it’s because some places are best left unnoticed. Their beauty is in the air of mystery that surrounds them and the solitude they provide you. If many people knew about it, then it would have been filled with crowd who just want to click and post pictures on instagram. But, fortunately that is not the case here.

Most of the population had abandoned the island far back because of a plague that spread on the island and because of Portugal victimization. With just a few people, life goes on even slower than the rest of the state on this charming unexplored abode of sheer natural beauty.

Just walking casually on the narrow roads, with the colourful houses, a distinct characteristic of Goa, on either side of the roads will give you a joy unmatched even by the exciting nightlife of Goa.

The island, which once sheltered a significant amount of Hindu population of Goa, has still managed to survive several years of loot and plunder, be it by the Muslim invaders or by the Portuguese persecutors. Though, the remnants of the religion, once revered by the people of the island, are just the remains of some Temple walls visible here and there.

However, four Temples have been rebuilt and restored now. They are the Saptakoteshwar Temple, the Ganesh Temple, the Mahamaya Temple and the Dwarkeshwar Temple.

Shri Ganesh Temple

Apart from the temples, there are also several Churches on the island. Our Lady Of Piety is one such Church located on a hill top and offering a magnificent view of the island. On the way above you will find the way to the Lord Ganesh Temple too.

So, if you are tired of all the challenges life has thrown at you and just want to escape and relax, Divar Island is always ready to welcome you wholeheartedly. Just take a leisurely stroll on its isolated roads and all will be well.

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