Untouched Goa

Goa!! Now this is a place that is sure to fascinate anyone, with its sandy beaches, magnificent churches and vibrant nightlife.

But you know what, there are many places out there which offer just the same things, then what is special about this place. Goa isn’t just a place. It’s much more than that. It’s an experience, it’s a feeling, it’s something that introduces you to yourself.

When I had first been to Goa, I couldn’t even walk properly, I was just 1 and a half years old. So, I have a lot of beautiful childhood memories linked to that place. But, you don’t need to visit it every year since you were that young to fall in love with that place. It kind of puts an enchanting spell on you so that you keep going back.

It would take me countless posts to cover every aspect of the place that I love. But, that’s not possible. So I would like to dedicate some of my next blogs just to some of the famous and the not so famous attractions in Goa.

Here is a link to my first post about this mesmerizing state.

Soro-The Village Pub

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3 thoughts on “Untouched Goa

  1. Great siya .beautiful place soro the village pub described even more beautifully by you.bravo waiting for more on goa


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