Kashmir breathes within its locals and visitors alike with a pulse that they can sense, a heartbeat that they can feel and an expression that they can personify

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We had planned it all in a hurry, a trip to paradise. We had just cancelled our trip to europe because of the growing cases of covid19 there. India wasn’t much affected then. So we planned to go to Kashmir and believe me, till the time we were about to board the flight, we were uncertain as to we should go or not, because covid19 virus had just entered India at that time, but I am so glad that we boarded that flight.

A view of the valley from the plane

The first thing I saw in Kashmir was the Srinagar airport, which gave a very bad first impression. It was so crowded, and we were already a little worried because of the circumstances in which we were travelling. We were greeted at the airport by our driver, Firdos. He drove us to gulmarg. We just spent 36 hours there and then we were forced to return back because of the Janta curfew, but those 36 hours were the best hours of my life.

Our Hotel, Kolahoi Green

We reached Gulmarg in the evening at about 5 pm, and then we took an ATV ride, a ‘freezing’ ATV’ ride to be precise, but it was thrilling. All the mountains covered with snow, frozen lakes, snow flakes on the trees, it was sooo beautiful!! Then when we returned back to the hotel, we didn’t know we were in for a surprise. The PM announced Janta curfew to be observed on sunday, and it was already thursday,and I was like No Way, we just got here!! Though I realise now how important it was, but at that time I was so sad. First we had to cancel our Europe trip, and now this, this is the worst year of my life!

But then I realised we still had one more day left, and we were going to live it to the fullest, and we did.

The ski ground

The next day, first thing in the morning, we danced and shot videos in the snow….can you believe it!! We didn’t care about who was watching(because there was no one except for the hotel staff and my family).We shot all kinds of crazy videos because we had sworn we were going to make the most of this short vacation. Then we went for the gondola ride.

You know when I had the first glimpse of Gulmarg, I thought nothing could be more beautiful than this, but I was wrong. The view from the top was breathtaking, magnificent, spectacular…. honestly, I don’t even know the right word to describe it. We clicked a few photographs(a lot, actually) but when it was time to come down, my father had this craziest idea. There was another way to go back, a ‘ski cycle’. They would send two persons with you and then they would take you down the slopes on something that was a mixture of a ski and a cycle.

It didn’t look so difficult in the beginning, but as we reached steeper slopes, we realised that maybe the gondola was better. I fell twice, my father fell once, and my mother fell uncountable times, but it was really a great adventure and I enjoyed even falling! It was the best of all that we did there. If you are planning to go to Gulmarg, please don’t miss this. And then, we went for the sledge ride and to learn some skiing. It’s quite true what Jehangir had said when he first visited Kashmir.

If there is a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here.

Emperor Jehangir

So that was it, the most thrilling hours of my life. We didn’t miss anything, we did it all. But this was about our trip, what we did there, but there is much much more to that place than what meets the eye.

You know, I couldn’t help but notice that we have developed a lot of misconceptions about Kashmir and kashmiris, just on the basis of what we see on the news. Whenever someone plans to go to Kashmir, there is always a hint of fear in their minds. But all that doubt, all that fear is gone once you reach there.

The kashmiri people are one of the best I have met till now. From the drivers to guides to shopkeepers to hotel staff, everyone is eveready to cater to your needs. Their hospitality and friendliness made us feel so much at home. I also realised that they have nothing against Indian people, and why would they because that place literally survives on tourism and the ones suffering the most because of all the tension in the valley are the Kashmiris themselves. I agree there are some troublemakers too but most just want to live normal lives, go to their shops everyday, spend time with their families, that’s all.

We are still in contact with some of the people we met there. There was a dry fruit shop from which we order dry fruits and spices quite often. This was just a trailer to a blockbuster and I can’t wait to go there again and write more about other places in Kashmir.

To conclude, I would just like to request all those reading this to ‘Visit Kashmir’. It happens very often there that they don’t have any tourists for months on end, so not only would you have the time of your life there, but also you would be of great help to a lot of people.

Kashmir is that beautiful poetry of God which he wrote while experiencing together the highest form of happiness and the deepest sorrow. The valley never fails to amaze tourists.


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26 thoughts on “KASHMIR: GOD’S WORK OF ART

  1. Your words are expressing the kind of attachment you have made with this place. Kashmir is a place nobody can resist falling in love with and when you have an observant mind than this place can do wonders in your life (be it the beauty of nature or the innocent smile of people living there). I have been to Kashmir and looking forward to visit again. Proud of you Siya… keep writing and keep expressing

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  2. Hi Siya, this is Lokesh Sastya from the Gondwanaland, literally from Dahi, Dhar.
    I have read all of your 3 blogs and I think you can do it excellently. It does not matter if you do not want to travel anymore, you have many more topics to write. Talk about your daily life, dreams, IMAGINATION, adventures, games, problems, issues, shops in the Market, people and their character.
    If you are reading this reply then do not hesitate to restart blog writing.
    It’s ok, you can buy a notebook, write your ideas in it, like a dairy. Good luck 👍.


    1. Hii… Thank u so much for the appreciation… Actually its not that I am not travelling anymore… Its just that I am not getting time for blog writing because of exams and all… I am so eager to write about some new places… I will start again once I get time

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